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Level Up Learning with Planeteers!

STEAM Craft Edu specialize in education technology to improve learning outcomes. Our focus is teaching STEAM and 21C skills using “serious” games.

Designed in collaboration with leading educators, our game-based learning platform Planeteers teaches STEAM and critical future job skills like coding, robotics and design innovation to learners in grades 3 to 6 in an immersive story driven game world. Planeteers leverages children’s engagement with games to maximize focus and improve learning outcomes. A feature packed version of Planeteers is available to download for FREE as part of our commitment to equal education opportunity. And for educators looking to upskill in STEAM, PBL and game-based learning pedagogies check out our online professional development certificate courses.



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Suiting up for another Award, Planeteers: Home Edition makes the finals in the prestigious 9th Annual TIGA Awards 2019

The office is buzzing with excitement again, as we share the news! Planeteers Home Edition has been selected as a finalist in the Best Educational aka Serious Game category in the TIGA Awards 2019. The Independent Game Developers’ Association (TIGA) is the network for game developers, digital publishers, and trade association representing the video games […]

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Learning Through Play: The Advantages Of Game-Based Learning

Over the past few years, there has been a growing investment in game-based and gamified learning as a methodology to make learning more fun and engaging to drive improved retention, information processing, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation. This comes with a significant increase in the use, design, and research of digital games with students […]

Encouraging “Serious Gaming In The Classroom”, STEAM Craft Edu And Planeteers Selected As Finalists In The Edutech Awards 2019

From small steps to great strides, STEAM Craft Edu and their educational game-based learning platform, Planeteers, have been selected as a finalist for the following categories in the EduTech Awards 2019: Best Classroom Technology Solution, Best Edtech Start-Up Award & Best STEAM Solution. EduTech Asia is Asia’s largest education conference and exhibition. This event brings […]