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STEAM Craft Education School

Our team aims to help democratize education and teach important 21st Century skills to children using what they love best… games!

Designed in collaboration with leading educators, STEAM Craft teaches critical future job skills like coding, robotics and innovation through a flexible, scalable game-based learning platform.

Planeteers is the first game built using the STEAM Craft platform and launches through NGO partners in the Philippines in March.

An international beta will be available for other markets soon, ahead of rollout in other key regions beginning in June.



Below are our two year targets for democratizing education & teaching underprivileged kids.

Our goal is to provide free access to STEAM Craft to teach important 21st Century skills.

School Target
Student Target
Teacher Target




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Planeteers early release beta will be available soon! We invite interested teachers from around the world to register for early access.

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