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STEAM Craft Education

Our team are passionate about democratizing education and teaching important 21st Century skills to children using what they love best… games!

Designed in collaboration with leading educators, our pilot game Planeteers teaches critical future job skills like coding, robotics and innovation through a flexible, scalable 3D game-based learning platform – STEAM Craft.

A feature packed version of the game is available for FREE download for parents and teachers, with upgrades for premium quest content and
Teachers Dashboard features. Fifty percent premium versions sales revenue is donated to underprivileged schools in the Philippines,
with hopes to expand our reach to other countries by mid-2018.


Our team have been working with NGO partners in the Philippines to train teachers in STEAM, provide education technology and teach underprivileged kids. We plan to take our learnings from the Philippines and expand our impact investment internationally. Our goal is to provide free access to STEAM Craft to teach important 21st Century skills.




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