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STEAM Craft Edu Closure Message

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STEAM Craft Edu Closure Message

To our friends, followers and fans.

As a result of the COVID19 global pandemic there are currently over 1.5 billion learners in 188 countries across the world affected by school and university closures. That amounts to almost 91% of the world’s entire population of learners (pre-primary to tertiary education) at home.

This has had a significant impact on our business and has unfortunately forced us to re-assess our future and make some tough decisions to close our operations.

For those of you have downloaded the free version of Planeteers for classrooms or home, please continue to enjoy the game, but note that we will be providing no more support.

We wish everyone all the best in their learning, please feel free to send enquiries or feedback below, but note our response may be limited as we wind down our operations and business.