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Consider Helping Underprivileged Schools with a Donation

Message from Chief Maker – Phil Mason

The STEAM Craft platform, Planeteers game, educational content, teacher training and curriculum materials we provide to the global educator community took two years to develop in collaboration with many partners and experts. As part of the Company’s mantra to help bring the latest educational technology into homes and classrooms globally, we provide a fully featured version and teacher training for FREE.

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We don’t expect anything in return, we simply seek to empower educators with game-based STEAM resources to help children build important 21C skills. That said, there are many schools around the world that can’t benefit from our offering because they simply don’t have the hardware, and/or their teachers lack training. Largely we’ve solved the training conundrum with our Full STEAM Ahead and related courses, and we do provide on the ground training through NGO partners.

The main challenge we have is raising funds for hardware donations to enable, not just Planeteers, but also access to other free resources like the wonderful and inspiring SCRATCH from MIT. Hardware is cheap nowadays, and Planeteers runs on an $80 tablet. Donating 10 tablets to a school for classes is a significant game changer with regards to accessibility of education, and enabling new pedagogies like blended learning and game-based education.

So if you feel like making a donation, we’ll put it towards technology grants for underprivileged schools in the Philippines. We’ll provide teacher training, software and tablets to supercharge learning opportunities, with ongoing mentoring and support. Later this year we hope to expand our offering into other regions, as we strive to improve the skills of teachers, and the potential of elementary children by teaching them critical STEAM skills.