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Planeteers Professional Development Courses

To support teachers using Planeteers, we’ve created two professional development courses to upskill, inspire and motivate teachers who seek to develop their game-based learning and STEAM teaching skills. Designed by educational trainers and experts, our courses integrate STEAM, inquiry, project-based learning, and maker methodologies to help up skill educators to maximize the benefits of using Planeteers in their classroom. The first course is also great for educators wishing to incorporate any or all of these teaching pedagogies using unplugged or other resources.

The first course, Full STEAM Ahead in the Classroom focuses on introducing STEAM as a mix of teaching methodologies and building teacher knowhow and skills in delivering STEAM in their classrooms using various learning modalities.

The second course, Game-based Learning with Planeteers is aimed at teachers wishing to integrate sandbox game-based learning into the mix, including the concept of virtual maker labs using Planeteers as a primary or secondary resource for teaching STEAM skills and identities including coding and robotics.

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Full STEAM Ahead in the Classroom

This course is designed to help assist and support teachers to develop skills in STEAM, Inquiry and project-based learning pedagogies so they can confidently adapt these into their classroom. Designed by educators, the course includes audio lessons with supporting teacher resources including templates and tools to use as starting points in planning STEAM lessons and roadmaps, creating authentic project-based learning experiences and assessments, and introducing new teaching opportunities, including for example makerspaces and game-based learning.

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Game-based Learning for STEAM, Coding, Robotics and More!

This course builds on Full STEAM Ahead by applying the learnings from that foundation course in multiple game-based learning scenarios. In this course, you will learn how to master Planeteers and include this amazing game in your blended learning approach to level up engagement and learning outcomes. Learn how to maximise the teaching opportunities when using Planeteers for Studio or Lab time, inspiring students to develop new skills using STEAM project-based learning.

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Teacher Resources & Curriculum Materials

Check out the links below for resources to get you started with Planeteers in the classroom, including the STEAM Learning Continuum, Quest and Lesson guides.

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Teachers Dashboard Video Tutorial

Check out the links below for resources to get you started with Planeteers in the classroom, including the STEAM Learning Continuum, Quest and Lesson guides.

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Blockly Coding Curriculum

We believe coding is such an important skill. Here, we made a breakout coding curriculum for teaching beginner to advanced computer programming for learners. The Planeteers coding curriculum teaches programming in a fun storified multi-disciplinary setting using block code in 3D!

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Robotics Curriculum

Planeteers provides lots of opportunities for teaching robotics as students create and program mission helpers of all kinds. Learners can craft or build robots including drones, rovers, farming bots and others, then code AI using blockly.