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Terms & Conditions

STEAM Education NGO Grant Application Form

Grant Agreement for the “Steam Craft Edu Planeteers & Teachers Dashboard STEAM Learning platform and support.”

We are pleased to advise that an offer of an NGO grant (Grant) is to be reviewed by our NGO partner and STEAM Craft Edu Limited, (STEAM Craft Edu) for your school (Recipient) to use as an educational technology platform and tool (Activity). The review process will take 15 to 30 days, the Recipient will be notified of a grant approval through email or a phone call.

Your acceptance to this offer will be officiated upon completion and submission of the STEAM Education NGO Grant Application Form and is in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out in this grant agreement (Agreement). Do note, the Planeteers Grant Application Form will aid STEAM Craft Edu and our NGO partner in the review and selection process.

1. Grant

The “Recipient” will be granted licenses for grades 3 to 6.

The grant includes the premium version of the Planeteers game and Teachers Dashboard with all features. Face to face training sessions, STEAM Curriculum and support materials including lesson guides. Ongoing support and free updates.

2. Activity

The “Activity” stipulated in this “Grant” is to teach and measure STEAM skills in the classroom for grades 3 to 6 using the STEAM Craft Edu educational technology platform.

3. Grant Period

The License and Support “Grant” is effective and valid for a period of three (3) years and is renewable upon application.

4. Notices

The Parties agree to notify the other Party of anything reasonably likely to affect the performance of the “Activity” or otherwise required under this Agreement.

5. Point of Contact

The “Recipient” agrees to supply a Point of Contact who is obligated to liaise with STEAM Craft Edu based on the terms and requirements set out “Grant” Agreement and “Activities”. Details of the Point of Contact to be provided by the “Recipient”.

Likewise, STEAM Craft Edu will supply a dedicated point of contact for liaising and support, the contact being:

STEAM Craft Edu Point of Contact Details
Full Name Cindy Perez
Email Address [email protected]

6. Feedback and Reporting

The “Recipient” agrees to undertake regular feedback and reporting to identify wins and areas needing improvement or troubleshooting. STEAM Craft Edu will supply online surveys and request periodic Teacher Console reports to this end.

a) The Point of Contact is responsible for collecting performance milestones and data via Confidential Online Surveys and Teacher Console Reports which outline:

  • Performance at a School Level
  • Performance at a per Grade Level
  • Detailed Observations, Milestones, Challenges with the Planeteers Game
  • Detailed Observations, Milestones, Challenges with the implementation of the Planeteers Game in the Classroom


b) The Point of Contact will receive a Survey and Teacher Console Report requests via email which should be completed in accordance to the prescribed time period per section (c).

c) The Point of Contact is responsible for collecting performance milestones and data on the prescribed time period via Teachers Dashboard reports and Surveys:

Period Upon Receipt of Grant Frequency of Reporting
Month 1 Every Fortnight on a Friday
Month 2 and 3 Every Month on the last Friday
Month 4 and onwards Every Quarter on a Friday

d) From time to time, feedback will also be collected via phone, email or call as and when necessary and agreed.

7. Publicity

a) “STEAM Craft Edu” may publish the name of the “Recipient”, the School Name, the purpose of the “Grant”, and Performance of the “Activity”, in stakeholder reports to its NGO partner and blog articles on its website.

b) With the exception of Clause 8(a), neither party may participate in any publicity in relation to the “Activity” or the “Grant” without the other’s prior written approval.

8. Privacy

Privacy of information, especially school and student information is of the utmost importance.

“STEAM Craft Edu” and the “Recipient”, to the extent the parties deals with personal information for the purpose of conducting the “Activity”, agrees to:

a) comply with the General Privacy Principles, including:

1. never to use or disclose personal information;

2. take necessary steps to ensure adequate security measures are in place to protect personal information from misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure;

3. to abide by principals of mutual confidentiality and privacy as it relates to the parties and the “Activity”

4. to abide by the terms of Section (7)

b) not do any act, or engage in any practice, that would – if done or engaged in by either party – breach the General Privacy Principles;

c) comply with any reasonable request or direction in relation to access to, or handling of, personal information;

d) if either party subcontracts the performance of any part of the Activity, ensure the subcontractor has the same obligations that the “Recipient” has under this clause (including this requirement as to subcontracting);

e) immediately notify the other party if it becomes aware of a breach or possible breach of any obligations referred to in this clause; and investigate/remedy according.

The “Recipient” agrees to indemnify “STEAM Craft Edu” in respect of any loss, liability or expense suffered or incurred by “STEAM Craft Edu” which arises directly or indirectly from a breach by the Recipient or any sub-contractor of any obligations referred to in this clause.

This clause shall survive the expiration or termination of this “Grant” Agreement.

10. Indemnity

The “Recipient” indemnifies “STEAM Craft Edu”, its officers, employees and contractors against any claim, loss or damage arising in connection with the “Activity”.

The “Recipient” agrees to indemnify (and keep indemnified) “STEAM Craft Edu”, its officers, employees, NGO partners, and contractors against any loss or liability incurred by “STEAM Craft Edu” (including any loss or damage to STEAM Craft Edu property, or loss or expense incurred by “STEAM Craft Edu” in dealing with any claim against it) arising from any acts or omissions by the “Recipient” or their employees or agents in connection with this Agreement.

11. Termination by notice

“STEAM Craft Edu” may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice to the “Recipient” if the “Recipient” breaches this Agreement or becomes insolvent.  No compensation is payable by “STEAM Craft Edu” for termination under this clause

12. Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

Without prejudice to “STEAM Craft Edu” rights under these terms and conditions, if the “Recipient” breaches these terms in conditions, and no resolve can be reached within a reasonable time frame, “STEAM Craft Edu” may take such action as deemed appropriate to deal with the breach.

If these terms are acceptable, please complete and submit the STEAM Education NGO Grant Application Form to represent your approval and signature.