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Want to Teach STEAM Skills? Engage Learners with Planeteers!

Planeteers is an 3D sandbox educational video game aimed at teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) and important 21st Century skills like critical thinking, problem, solving, collaboration, coding and robotics to children aged 7-12 (grades 3-6). Planeteers engages students through positive play and educational gaming to help supercharge learning outcomes.

Learners explore a newfound planet for answers to help restore their depleted home world. Together with their trusty intergalactic companion Socket, they work to unravel the planet’s secrets and while surviving and creating a sustainable habitat to continue their mission. Challenges abound across different continents, each with distinct climates, ecosystems, plants and animals in a simulated 3D environment that supports relatable real world phenomena and challenges mapped to a comprehensive STEAM curriculum.

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Summary of Game App and Platform Benefits

Fun Educational Gaming STEAM Craft

Fun Educational Gaming!

Engage students in an immersive story driven 3D world and educational sandbox with questing, building, crafting, farming, coding, quizzes and other activities.

STEAM Craft Curriculum

STEAM Curriculum

STEAM Learning Continuum provides curriculum mapping and learning pathways for grades 3 to 6, along with ready to use lesson plans.

STEAM Craft Teachers Dashboard

Teachers Dashboard

Time saving tools for managing the classroom, including automatic assessment, progress reporting and powerful analytics.

Comprehensive STEAM Curriculum

Working with educational experts and teachers, we’ve designed a comprehensive curriculum that maps important learning objectives by STEAM concepts and skill level, laddered and organized for grades 3 to 6. The game quests and activities, fun facts, quizzes and badges are all mapped to the STEAM Curriculum, providing easy to understand skill building pathways and lesson plans for teachers to align with educational directives and standards.

Teachers Dashboard

Use the teacher’s dashboard to manage classrooms with ease, assign activities, track, compare and measure individual student and class performance and learning outcomes.

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Get Started for Free! Upgrade Anytime!

We are passionate about social impact and innovation in education to help teachers increase confidence and engagement inSTEAM and 21st century skills in the classroom. The basic version of Planeteers is FREE, complete with STEAM Curriculum and teacher resources!

Checkout the Android App, iOS Coming Soon!

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